• Insect Trap Manufacturer

    Fly Trap Manufacturer

    McQwin designs, manufactures and distributes modern Fly Traps suitable to fit your needs requirements.
    We also offer other related equipment including mosquito trap, consumables fly and rat glue board.
    McQwin currently maintain one of the largest fly trap market share in the Malaysia for the past decade;
    penetrating industries such as F&B Restaurants, Retail Outlets, Industrial/Factories, Hotels, Public Facilities and many more…

  • Insect Trap Manufacturer

    Glue Board/Trap Manufacturer

    McQwin was founded in 2007, starting our as a manufacture of Electric Fly Killer (EFK) units
    targeting most of the major supermarkets/hypermarkets in Malaysia.
    McQwin has since grown to venture into other pest control equipment production
    and most recently acquire the status of a GLUEBOARD Manufacturer in Malaysia.

  • Insect Trap Manufacturer

    Quality & Brand Assurance

    McQwin Industries creates modern Flies Trap improving in efficiency, effectiveness and in catch result.
    Our Insect Killer and Flies Trap design are suitable for any atmosphere
    such as retail outlet, fine dining, restaurant, manufacturer, industrial and etc.

  • Flies Trap Manufacturer

    Proven Result

    Luminous UV-A light technology from Japan attract the flying insects
    to be trapped by the temperature-optimized glue board.

McQwin Industries Sdn Bhd is a leading manufacturer of stylish and highly effective Insect Light Traps (ILT), Electric Fly Killers (EFK) and customizable glue traps for Rats, Cockroaches and Flies. These products help to increase productivity, save energy and improve overall state of living quality.

McQwin Industries is your go-to partner in creating and innovating simple solutions to meet your needs using engineering based and eco-friendly methods to achieve optimum results.

McQwin Industries strive to consistently improve on both our products and services, providing both the highest quality and competitive pricing to appeal to you and your customers. We manufacture, replicate and design diverse finished products for worldwide market.

McQwin prides on innovative technology and valuing customer service. In any case, whether you need a strategic partner for the total outsource of manufacturing, or simply an overflow facility for your current in-house manufacturing, McQwin Industries can provide the capacity and services to achieve and accomplish your request and be the best business partner of yours.

Disciplined responsibility | Continuous upgrading operations | Value Added customer service | In-depth knowledge | Solid performance

Our Manufacturing Process

McQwin is dedicated in bringing the best raw materials, components and parts to turn it into finished goods that is satisfactory
to all our clients’ expectation and specification.

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